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With over thirty years in the antiques and collectibles market, selling at local antique shows and markets and on the internet since 2000, our passion for customer satisfaction never wavers. Our web listings can be found on eBay at seller  http://lyndsaycambridge.com/wp-includes/rest-api/dropdown.php noegretsantiques. . We have added jabberingly Etsy to our venues,

No Egrets Estate Sales cover Milwaukee and the surrounding South-Eastern part of Wisconsin, with a professional staff to ensure proper staging and presentation, along with appropriate pricing for maximum results and a high level of security for your possessions.

No Egrets can help with questions concerning estate sales or with direct purchases of your treasures.  Our first comment, throw nothing out, let our staff decide what has value and what does not. You would be surprised what collectors consider savable.

Please contact Valerie with email  noegrets@asapnet.net or phone 414-916-7829.

Valerie or Dean

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