Out Antique Hunting, Its Not Just The Things We Buy


Out Antique Hunting; It’s Not Just The Things We Buy, it’s the memories we make getting them.
We were on a mission to study Asian furnishings from the post war era and had some shops in mind that might carry items of interest.  But it’s difficult for us to travel more than a mile in any direction on a weekend without stopping at an estate or garage sale, flea market or antique store.

Our travel carried us about thirty miles from home so it was imperative that we lined up a few yard sales from our local newspaper, and decided which antique stores to shop on the way back. The trip out took longer, since we found many yard signs along the way. Not any finds to add to our collections, and little to sell, so we trod on to our listed sales from the morning’s newspaper, guided by the trusty and rather insistent voice of Ursula, our GPS lady.  The list yields only a scant array of collectible items as we skipped some on our list with baby items and old TV’s in the driveway.

CabinetThumbnail-copy1We arrived at the Asian antique store for our research project noting current prices of the store’s wonderful items.  The owner is pleased to discuss the aspects and features of his selection of fine antiques, and we learn a good deal of information. As we left, we thanked the proprietor .

Several more yard signs later and it was past lunch time, and here is where we add to each outing.

We always try to find a locally owned restaurant. On several occasions we have taken the advice of a shop owner and found a delightful little coffee shop or cafe near an antique store. The decor is often 30s-40s soda fountain style in the smaller towns, which adds to the nostalgia aspect of our antique hunting.

On other trips we spot something that looks good and pop in to see the place.

m_online_storeI must mention a visit to the LaClare Farms, a goat farm that has its own cafe and cheese shop.  The food was good and it was great fun overlooking the vast array of milking machines in a massive barn. That was quite the sight.

415366924537037315792432_thThis trip took us to Burkes Lakeside in Summit (Oconomowoc), WI. Finding it was pure accident, as we took some back roads Ursula the GPS directed us to take on our way to the Fox Lake Country antique store. The restaurant was very large and crowded on a lovely summer afternoon. Great food, service and atmosphere, we love sitting outside when we can!

Today our adventure took us to the Lake Michigan shore communities, south of Milwaukee.  Again hunting for antiques for our collections, especially a search for wall pockets to complete a grouping in our newly painted living room.  Oh, we managed to find items to sell at our next set-up at the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market in Elkhorn, WI.  But alas, no wall pockets, so our hunt will continue.

2014-04-24But as luck would have it, we did find a great restaurant, The Sheridan’s Boutique American Bistro at 5133 S. Lake Dr. in Cudahy WI.  Just a wonderfully decorated place with great food for a delightful lunch before continuing on with our antique hunting.

Good food will always draw us back the next time were in the area, and part of our thrill of the hunt is finding great places to enjoy good food  and good service.

The purpose of our adventures may be the continual search for great antiques and collectibles, but it’s more fun when you have discovered new places to return to with friends for a relaxing meal of great eats, good service and pleasant surroundings, and a long chat about the productive antique hunt.


The Elkhorn Antique Flea Market was Great as Always


A great place to find Dad a gift.

A great place to find Dad a gift.

No Egrets was set up at our favorite place The Elkhorn Antique Flea Market.

Held at the Walworth County Fair Grounds in Elkhorn WI, just off Interstate I-43 West on Hwy 11.

The market drew vendors and shoppers from quite a good distance, because of its reputation for keeping out the tube socks and tupperware type dealer, tightly controlled by owners Nona and Skip.

Our booth is #216, as marked plainly at each booth entrance and in the 200 row just off the main entrance gate.  Held four times a year, the next one is Sunday,August 10, 2014, with dealer set-up and early buy-in on Saturday for the motivated collector looking to beat the crowd.



No Egrets Estate Sales To Conduct An Estate Sale In Greendale, WI on May 29th, 30th, 31st


No Egrets Estate Sales To Conduct An Estate Sale In Greendale, WI on May 29th, 30th, 31st

No Egrets Antiques, Estate Sales
Valerie & Dean
Located in Greendale, WI, The sale will be held May 29th, 30th and May 31.  This lovely home is filled with quality furnishings and is artfully decorated.  The sale is a must for the collector or decorator seeking fine furniture, small kitchen appliances and lots of cooking gadgets and cookbooks. IMG_1753Framed quality prints in many styles and sizes. An outstanding collection, including one of the Pabst Theater at the turn of the last century, and an Asian scenic wall mural.

Decorative glass, including signed paperweights, and other glass collectibles.


Two fine china sets with 12 pc. place settings (additional serving pieces too)  by Lenox in the Cardinal pattern, titled Winter Greetings, and the elegant Laurent pattern.  Glass figurines by  Lalique France, Swarovski and Baccarat.  Set of 4 incredible Michael Weems cocktail glasses.








We have never seen this large a collection of cook books, kitchen gadgets, pots and pans plus small kitchen appliances.


Kitchen items including Keurig, Panasonic, Nesco Pro, Bissel, Helgon, Morningware, Taste of Home, Braun, Oster, Presto and loads of other kitchen gadgets.  A ton of cookbooks too, with most appearing to be unused. Two really new bedroom sets complete or separate pieces, a contemporary Stickley desk,  a recently purchased couch, several quality newer chairs , other furniture, cabinets and shelving.

Sentrry Safe Combo Lock

A special item for home or business is a large fire protection combination lock safe.

Electronics, TV, Printer-Copier, a Raleigh 440 speed bike, and garden items.

The sale will be held May 29th. 30th and 31st.

Each day signup will be posted at 8:00 am with the main event starting at 9:00 a.m. Open Thursday until 5:00 pm, Friday until 4:00 p.m and Saturday till Noon.

Located just East off Loomis Road {Hwy. 36) and Collage Ave. (East at stop light by Steakout Restaurant), to right Riverdale Lane. to address 6409.

For Details, Email:  Noegrets@asapnet.net


West Bend (WI) Antique Show is this weekend, Jan. 17-18

No Egrets Antiques & Estate Sales

No Egrets Antiques & Estate Sales

No Egrets will again set up in a booth at the NL Promotions antique show in West Bend WI, this Saturday & Sunday Jan. 17 & 18th.
Just a short drive north of Milwaukee on US Hwy 45 to Pleasant Valley Rd. and east to the Washington County Fair Park. This event is always top notch for the antique collector with a super array of goods from all over the state and beyond. We always look forward to visiting with our fellow sellers, and the avid collectors that visit our booth.
Skip & Nona of N.L. Promotions have a long reputation for providing great shows, antiques at this show and at the summer events in Elkhorn WI. We hope to see you.

Look for the GUY WITH THE TIE

Don’t Miss This Event The Old World Wisconsin, 30Th Star Benefit Auction

With the winter antique shows in our area finished for the year, Valerie and I will have some time to shop for some goodies for our own collections and for our customer “Wants”.

With great anticipation we look forward to one of those must see events for antiquaries, the semi annual  30th Star Benefit Antiques Auction on Friday, April 25, 2014 – Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hundreds of treasures, from classic to kitschy, will be available to the highest bidder as the FRIENDS of the Wisconsin Historical Society hold this biennial auction to benefit restoration projects at Black Point Estate in Lake Geneva. The Wisconsin Antiques Dealers Association generously sponsors the 30th Star Benefit Antiques Auction.  The event is held at Old World Wisconsin’s historic Clausing Barn.

Old World Wisconsin is an open-air museum located near Eagle, Wisconsin. Opened in 1976, the museum is owned and operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. It portrays housing and the daily life of immigrants in 19th century Wisconsin.

We always enjoy this event, it offers an opportunity to see and learn from the great treasures offered for bids, talk to other like minded individuals, and benefit a great cause. And as dealers and collectors, we all are interested in preserving the past for future generations to see and understand the history we hope to preserve and pass on to the next generation of antique visit-restaurantcollectors.


The Clausing Barn and restaurant. old World Wiosconsin, Near Lake Geneva    Wisconsin


Our next event is the famous Elkhorn Antique Flea Market, in Elkhorn WI at the County Grounds on May 18th 2014.


Do You Have Cabin Fever? Cabin Fever Flea Market Is Next

Our annual trek to the Cabin Fever Flea Market is just around the corner. 

Held at the Knights Of Columbus Hall at 1800 S. 92nd St. in West Allis WI, on March 2nd.  Doors open at 9am and a lineup is always waiting to get in and grab a bargain or two.

This annual flea market is one of those gems in the collecting world, not to be missed.  An intimate setting with great vendors to attract your attention after this brutal winter.

No Egrets Antiques & Estate Sales

No Egrets Antiques & Estate Sales

No Egrets will be their, with our array of odd and interesting items. Collectibles will line our tables, and fill our booth. As always, just look for “the guy with the tie“.

Have a special interest? Email No Egrets, and if we have it we will bring it along.

We hope to see you there, and check back for news of where we will show up next.

West Bend Antique Show, What a Great Day For Antique Hunters


No Egrets Antiques & Estate Sales

No Egrets Antiques & Estate Sales

Our booth was set up and waiting for the doors to open on the first day of the West Bend Antique Show on Saturday, January 18, 2014. We had spent a great deal of time on preparing for this event, readying a variety of antiques, many purchased on a recent Southern buying trip and on other adventures over the last year. The crowd was waiting for the doors to open on Saturday.  Nona and Skip of NL Promotions always draw a large crowd for this great event and at their Elkhorn Antique Markets in summer.

This two day show has been and continues to be the place where we bring our best finds; we title them our “A” Game. It may be that time of year when you’re finally buying something for yourself instead of gifts for family, friends or co-workers. Or after the holiday decor’ was put away, you see a gap on the wall or a place around the room that needs filling.

What better place than an antique show to reward yourself with a special find for your collecting or decorating needs?  Val spent the better part of two weeks just getting the antiques selected, priced and packed for this show. She chooses items from our stock that reflect current trends in the market; things that are hot and determining what is not.  She does her best to group items that are similar, but at different price points, since pricing must reflect what the buyer is willing to pay.

Friday was setup, with some extra time to chat with our fellow dealers, companions from here and other shows. We have a look around to view the other booths and marvel at the great stuff different sellers have to offer. We even find a treasure or two for our own collections!

As always we had a great time, enjoyed the conversations with our customers, shared our stories and listened to their tales on the joy of finding antique treasures.

We will continue to search for the oddities you have come to expect from No Egrets Antiques, and hope to see you at Cabin Fever Flea Market at the Knights Of Columbus Hall, 1800 S. 92nd Street, West Allis Wisconsin. It will be held on Sunday, March 2nd.  Just look for the guy with the tie.

Just a reminder: We are always interested in discussing items you may want to sell, either directly or through our estate sale service. No Egrets is reachable by email- noegrets@asapnet.net or 414-916-7829 to discuss your options, and see our Estate Sale site for more information.



Pontiac Center Hosts the Janesville WI Antique Show For Hardy Collectors

Our first visit to the Janesville, WI Antique Show was several years back, and set our desire to one day have a booth of our own at this well-attended event. This year we finally had our chance, and despite weather conditions that kept polar bears indoors, we had a very good show.

Our hosts are Steve and Thelma, two hard-working individuals that organize and conduct this event. What a great gathering of antiques and collectibles brought to the show by individual dealers from around the surrounding states. Whether your interest was limited to marbles or post cards, furniture or glass, jewelry or paintings, wall art or fancy lamps, sports collectibles or vintage cameras, toys or tools, primitives or Mid-century, one of the booths had just what you wanted.

Our weather was the worst in memory with snow and extreme cold, and yet many hardy folks braved the elements to purchase a special item for their collection, decorating or to wear. The chance to discuss our array of collectibles and listen to what drives the true collectors in the pursuit of one more object for their hobby of collecting is alway a lively chat. We look forward to participating in next year’s event and hope our luck with the weather is better than this year.

Our next event is the West Bend Wisconsin Antique Show, an NL Promotions production. The dates are January 18th  and 19th. Nona and Skip (of Elkhorn Antique Markets fame) always put on a great event.

No Egrets booth will contain fresh antiques (Oxymoron) and collectibles gathered on a recent trip into the Southeastern states.

Our booth location on the back wall is the same place we have occupied for a number of years at this event. Watch for the No Egrets booth sign, and continue to check back for future shows and or estate sales we conduct. We’ll see you there.





Our next event is at the Pontiac Center In Janesville WI


No Egrets has a busy schedule lined up for the next several months, with an antique show in Janesville, Wisconsin at the Pontiac Center on January 4th & 5th 2014.  This will be our first time setting up here, but as buyers, we have enjoyed this venue in the past. We are excited to finally have a booth to show our great assortment of antiques.  Look for us in booth number 26.

No Egret will be at the West Bend Fair Grounds on January 18th and 19th, 2014,  an N.L. Promotions event were we will have the same booth as in past years.

Please join us for a great antique show and sale at both events, and we hope to wow you with our latest offerings.

On a lighter note, you will find us at “Cabin Fever” Flea Market on Sunday March 2nd 2014, held in Columbus Hall 1800 S. 92nd St. West Allis WI.

If you have questions about any of these events please feel free to email No Egrets, Valerie or Dean,  noegretsantiques@sbcglobal.net OR noegrets@asapnet.net

Please remember, No Egrets Estate Sales, if you’re in need of our service, we can be reached at 414-916-7829, for a discussion of the best options for your transition or for that of a loved one.


No Egrets Estate Sales

We completed an estate sale in St. Francis WI. A very attractive home in a wonderful neighborhood. Filled with collections that centered on every Holiday, and nice furnishings that include several TVs, a large, very mid century radio-phonograph, and great drop leaf table and chairs.

It was amazing to meet so many interested buyers from all over the neighborhood and returning customers from our previous sales, some traveling a good distance to view and purchase items from this sale.

Please continue to catch us at Elkhorn in booth 216 and watch for our future estate sales in your local paper.