The Last Words in Collecting. I need That.

A carpenter “needs” his tools, a comic “needs” his wits, a collector needs the next addition to his or her collection.
The expression is “A collection is formed when the number of objects reaches three.” By that definition, I have many collections. Some are actually useful everyday objects. We have three antique lamps in the living room, spreading needed lighting for the entire area.

The three antiques that hold canes and umbrellas collected over the years include two that were intended to sit by the door as a depository for wet umbrellas when returning home, and dispensing one when the need arrises to face the rain again. The third is a from a private railroad coach car. It formed the base for a commode and features a very decorative egret bird on the side. Rescued from the melting furnace and sitting comfortably in our sunroom, it is filled with collected canes and umbrellas.

But when the point of usefulness passes the actual need, we reach the point of a collection, or may I boldly say, an addiction.

Here is were I enter the confessional. I have a strange addiction to kitchen utensils. It started many years ago while traveling and stopping at antique stores with Wifey in Ohio. I found a very ornate grape shears. Used to cut the stems of a bunch of grapes into little clusters of three or four to add to a cheese and cracker platter for guests to enjoy.

The seller happened to be in her booth and when I asked the price, it became apparent she had no idea what she had, calling it “an odd cutter of some sort, how about $5.00?” And thats the start of my obsession with spoons, forks and knives and other serving pieces.

The latest find looks like a tea spoon but has a “V” shape formed at the front tip. I have searched on-line, paper books and even asked antique dealers that specialize in silverware what its function is, with no explanation.

So the collection or more accurately the obsession continues. Will I add more items, lets only hope the drawer will still close if I do find another odd piece.