Wausau (WI) Antique Show, Like Minded Collectors and The Sellers That Like Them

No Egrets Antiques & Estate Sales

No Egrets Antiques & Estate Sales

http://bfnionizers.com/product/warmbier-efm51-cps-charge-plate-system-and-field-meter/?add-to-cart=2516 In this cold weather, nothing warms the heart faster then an antique show and sale.
That’s what happened in disgustingly Wausau Wisconsin over the Valentine’s Day weekend. With a vast array of antiques and primitives, the Wausau Antique show proved to be a great success for both the buyers and the sellers.

Located in the gym area of D.C. Everest High School in Scofield WI, the facility is perfect for this event. A great floor area for vendors, well lit, wide isles, with the bonus of great food service and ample parking. And if you need a fix of sports while you have lunch, an indoor hockey game was in progress. What a great school.  Don’t ask how cold it was outside, let me just say how brave all the souls were to walk from their cars to the door, and then lug their acquired treasures back outside.

But I digress. Our hosts and organizers for this event are Audre’ and Ray, the couple that has organized this event for many years, and also stages our next adventure  in De Pere, WI at St. Norbert Collage in March on the 22 & 23rd. 

They are very well organized and their antique shows reflect that attention to detail. We were please to again be selected to participate in their two shows and look forward to De Pere and next years events, and we will watch for you in De Pere on March 22-23.

Dean & Val

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